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Re: Star Ship Polaris

The railing, the levels and the valve wheel in the b.g. are the only things I can think of that might hint at steampunk...and the steam. But unless those railings are brass we're probably safe.

Yeah, the console wobbles when handled. I didn't bother doing anything to it in post because Dennis was suggesting a digital replacement, so I didn't seem the point in touching it until we decided what to do with it.

I'd personally hate to lose the ability to see under the console at all. It would make the set feel like a muppet set with everyone speaking behind a wall. The only time the legs would be a problem is if we shrink down a shot where area under the console is out of frame. If necessary, we could fake in Petrie's legs there where you have him legless. Hell, we'd just need to shoot some legs!

I like that you matched the lighting alcoves from the Command Deck (once the "transporter" texture is applied it'll feel very connected). An additional suggestion to maybe tie these sets together...what about a matching hatchway?
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