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Re: Describe if you will, a "real" Star Trek battle...

A few nights ago I was playing a modified game of Star Fleet Battles with my son and I noticed the battle behaved similarly to "The Deadly Years". I had two Klingon warships and boxed his Federation cruiser in where we all slowed down after closing to 1 hex and we were just trading fire. After a couple of turns he dumped all his power into movement and flew out of range of my ships which were powered for attack and defense forcing me to chase him again. He picked off both my ships as we pursued. It was a good game

In any case, IMHO, part of the equation in battle also depends on the power output capability of the opposing ships as well as the captain's choice of power utilization. For example, the opposing sides could decide to maneuver while firing phasers which means phaser and shield power is reduced as power is also shared with the warp engines and shields. Or both sides decide to close and slug it out by transferring most of the maneuvering power into either phasers or shields. This might explain the battles in DS9 where the ships slugged it out at close range and slow speeds as it might've been necessary in order to maintain strong enough beam power to attack with while having decent shields to defend against multiple ship attacks...
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