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I'm loving it, but I broke it. Something didn't upload correctly after it asked to do an update following install. I completely lost my ability to connect to the Internet. It wasn't working without a cable to begin with, but then it wasn't even talking with the cable. THEN, in my ignorance, I removed the software that allows it to talk to the Internet, thinking that it was new stuff that was causing the problem.

So, I'm back to running it off a USB stick.

Anyone know how to get my network connections gnome back in the actual OS?
Log back in and get yourself into a "shell" command-line window ... ctrl-alt-t should do the trick. Or go to the dash and start typing "terminal" until you see the terminal icon appear.

From there, type "ifconfig" -- this displays the current status of your ethernet configuration. You should see entries for each installed networking card (usually just one) and the local loopback (called 'lo').

If you don't see 'eth0' or 'eth1', try typing "sudo ifconfig eth0 up" -- 'sudo' makes the commands that follow run in "superuser" mode, and the rest sets up your hardware to send and receive information. With a little luck, this is all you need to get your network connection running again.
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