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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Between that and the "Blackship Theme" for Henoch, I'd say that Duning just saw it as part of his job to review what the other composers were doing and pick out relevant motifs. Perhaps he chose "Blackship" for Henoch because it was associated with an evil/altered Spock, and then picked out a bit of the "Amok Time" theme as a general Spock motif.
But doesn't that imply an unusual awareness of the contents of those episodes? Unusual for a composer of that time, I mean. I got the impression, I guess primarily from the interviews in Bond's book, that the composers didn't spend a lot of time watching the shows they scored for. Of course they watched the episodes they scored; but in general they didn't have time to watch a season's worth of episodes of a show.

Duning's choice of those motifs to re-use, seems to display almost a fan's sense of the contents of those episodes, the relevance of those cues. Compare his interpolation of cues, to Fried & Steiner & Courage & Kaplan. All of them used Courage's Enterprise theme for flyby's, which was required. And then what? Fried & Steiner & Courage quoted themselves, but only themselves so far as I can tell. Kaplan wrote two entirely distinct scores, with no material shared between them (I think).

Isn't Duning unique among the Star Trek composers, in quoting from the others? (Except for the Enterprise theme.)
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