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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Hi there.

Trek geek female here. Mostly a fan of old-Trek, but I rather enjoyed the 2009 film, if only for the quality of the performances. I really felt that the set design nearly ruined the experience for me (brewery engineering contrasted against the Apple Store bridge, it just doesn't make any sense--and I want desperately for this not to be a problem, I mean I try very hard, and I can't shake it), as well as the tone. The tone was off. Everything happened super-fast and streamlined. The plot moved too quickly, with barely any character development or meaningful character interaction. It felt like any other space opera action film from the '00s. I even compare TOS to the new film and it fails to convey the same tone, the same optimism for the future, the same vision of a modern, liberal future where people work together to further humanity. No, this was all lasers and explosions. Still, it was enjoyable as yer standard action-adventure romp. I liked it. It just never felt like Trek to me.

That said, I loved the characters. I loved that there was more Star Trek on the big screen. I'm willing to give it another chance. Star Trek Into Darkness sounds like it'll be fun. We shall see.
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