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Yuck. I remember using some flavor of Linux years ago--possibly Mandrake/Mandriva?--where the audio didn't work unless I manually went in and changed modprobe parameters to use a different audio driver. And this was using a rather common sound card at the time (SBLive!)

I agree that disabling the guest account should be a checkbox. Driver management should also be point-and-click, and should degrade gracefully if there is a problem. I will grant you that Linux normally doesn't totally shit itself when you have a bum driver (unlike Windows), however I have seen it fail to start X and then drop you to a terminal, expecting you to fix the problem. A regular user just isn't going to stand for this.
True. I'm a Windows power user, so I just like the different flavor of Linux, as it brings me back to the old DOS/OS2 days. Regular users may get very annoyed at Ubuntu.

I know a few people who are not what I'd call "power users," and they've used Linux (usually Ubuntu), and they normally just complain about it. Upgrades in particular seem to cause a lot of problems, especially if you are far out of date.
Ubuntu uses an easy package manager now, that notifies you automatically of any new updates, and gives you a one click update option, which is very nice. When I updated to 12.10, I was moving up from 11.10, and yeah, it took a while to get the updates. I had a few technical issues, but resolved them. Still, a new user would have been completely lost.

On the other hand, I recently tried to complete what I thought was a very straightforward operation. I bought a bigger hard drive for my laptop, and I just wanted to clone my existing drive (with Windows 7) to it. I used Windows' shadow volume functionality to do it. Well, the drive wouldn't boot. I used some tools to set up the MBR to fix that. I just got weird messages about how the OS was invalid. Not even Clonezilla could save me. I ended up having to reinstall the OS from scratch onto the new drive, using the recovery media, and reinstall everything else after that--precisely the situation I intended to avoid by cloning! Neither Windows nor Linux were any help in accomplishing what I wanted.
Yeah, Windows still has a long way to go. Something MacOS has done that works well, is their backup. I mean, you copy everything from one HDD to another, and you update it periodically. When you need to start fresh, you just drag it all back over, and you're done. I wish Windows and Linux could do the same, but their database designs don't really allow for it, which is a shame.

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