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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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It also had the "do dumb things to serve the plot" syndrome. Running into a cabin to be surrounded by zombies, and setting a zombie to kill your captive, then leaving comes to mind.
Yeah, there was some of that going around. It's hard to imagine that hermit guy could last when there were no zombies let alone now.
I don't think it was to serve the plot really. It wasn't even necessary for the plot. They didn't need to run into a group of walkers in the forest, and they didn't need to run into a cabin. And even if they did all those things, there didn't need to be a guy inside to be the solution out of there.

The purpose of the crazed old man was character development. It showed that Rick is still willing to at least negotiate instead of coming in guns blazing (despite what people said he might do in Glenn's place last week). It also showed that Michonne had no qualms stabbing this dude. It's not just Woodbury people after her that she kills, but anyone who is a threat to her. It shows that she's far more dangerous than we might think, despite what she says about Woodbury.

And this crazy guy being there could have a million explanations. Maybe he had meds that he was on and he only recently ran out. Or maybe his isolation and the zombie apocalypse caused him some serious mental issues that developed into him forgetting all about what happened. It's even possible that he was always a bit crazy, stockpiled lots of food, and lived quietly in his cabin. People can still be functional while at the same time having delusions.

The smell of the cabin could have been more than just a dead dog. It could have been that he never went outside to go to the bathroom.

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I've been wondering how there are THAT many zombies around in the first place. When humans die in this universe, they're generally either killed outright or straight-up devoured - either way there isn't anything that can reanimate. Likewise, when you die, it can take minutes to many hours to reanimate, during which time your corpse is a ready-made buffet for the walkers. Where are the undead coming from?
I think that most of the zombies are likely "first generation", meaning that they were part of that initial outbreak. The ones that exist now might be survivors who simply died, especially in small settlements where they might attack the others. Others that may exist might be those who simply escaped a fight, but got scratched or bitten, like Sophia.

As for the quantities of zombies, it's possible that many of them were rounded up looking for the helicopter, and many of them strayed off. That could be part of the reason there is a red zone. And it's not like this is the first time the red zone has been mentioned. Even in the premiere this season, they mention that they have been unable to escape because they are surrounded by hordes. It's likely that if hordes form that there would be pockets that are safer, but it's only a matter of time before those pockets become red themselves. I think that it's likely that after whatever skirmish may happen in Woodbury, that the zombie hordes will end up taking out whatever survivors remain in that town. I wouldn't be surprised if during their attack if some zombies get in the middle.
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