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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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The "Mace Fight" track on the Catspaw listing (#15) does not say that it contains a theme from the Amok Time score, though to our ears it clearly does (from the TrekCore track previews).
Other way around. "Catspaw" was scored a month before "Amok Time" -- and I'm fairly certain the motif you're talking about was also in the "Friday's Child" score in between them, so "Amok" was actually the third place it was used. I've always thought of it as just a generic motif that Fried kept coming back to in season 2. Steiner had one or two nonspecific motifs he used in multiple episodes too.

Otherwise, I take your point; I can see why Duning, who did no first-season scores, might've been unaware of the original name of the motif. But in the context of this encyclopedic, meticulous, historically important collection, it just feels it would be more appropriate to attribute the original title of the theme.

There are differences btw "Romulan Theme" and "Black Ship Theme", at least in terms of the development. So maybe Duning really is quoting one over the other.
I'm not as familiar with the "Return to Tomorrow" score as some others, but I don't think Duning used more than a few bars of the theme at a time, not enough for the differences in development to come into play.

Y'know what is interesting is, Duning quotes the Amok Time score a couple times in s3.
Yes, I've been aware of that for a long time. I loved what he did with it in "The Empath." Before, he'd only quoted the first two bars of the melody, but in "Empath" he continued it further (the descending theme you note came right after the motif Duning had previously quoted -- and I believe it was immediately followed in that "Amok Time" cue by the multi-episode Fried motif we were discussing earlier).

And second – does that mean Duning knew Fried's score from Amok Time, was a fan of the episode even, and made it a point to reference that music?? Or does it just mean that some producer told him there was a Vulcan theme available to re-use?
Between that and the "Blackship Theme" for Henoch, I'd say that Duning just saw it as part of his job to review what the other composers were doing and pick out relevant motifs. Perhaps he chose "Blackship" for Henoch because it was associated with an evil/altered Spock, and then picked out a bit of the "Amok Time" theme as a general Spock motif.

The La-la land people have been very specific from the get-go, about the level of cooperation from all the relevant companies, including GNP. I guess what I am specifically wondering, is if those two scores were paired on one CD with the idea that, sometime in the future, it might be issued as a stand-alone release. Either by La-la or by GNP. It seemed weird otherwise, to pair re-create GNP's disc. They didn't do that with Shore Leave & Naked Time, so why with these two?
In comparing the new releases to the older ones, I find that some of the old ones have at least some of the episodes arranged in the order the scores were recorded. For instance, The Best of Star Trek Volume 2 has "The Corbomite Maneuver," "Balance of Terror," and "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" in that order, and it turns out those three were recorded together in a single session in that order. "Amok" and "Doomsday" were recorded consecutively, which might be why they were paired on both discs. Or maybe it's just coincidence.
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