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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Andrea, The experiment, I don't think should concern her. The Zombie Fight Club, shoulda stayed a red flag for her. She hasn't seen most of the other stuff, we and Michonne know. So, yea, points off for getting herself in deeper with him, after raising her eyebrows over Zombie Fight Club, but, we can't hold most of the rest of The Governor's creepiness against her. Michonne shoulda been more forthcoming with specifics, then we could hold Andrea more accountable for her decisions we can clearly see are poor.

Things are heating up, can't wait for the Confrontation, and yea, I hope Carl takes care of the Entire Raiding party himself, LOL.

The Talking Dead Sneak Peek was very interesting (Spoilered in case anyone is sensitive to extra information not in the actual Walking Dead Episode)

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