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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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A problem I am picking up on, and that doesn't seem confined to that ship, is that the Season 2 team weren't able to faithfully render the color of the ships. The Repulse has an odd color, and the Enterprise has an odd color.
In Season 1, the colour pallet of the Enterprise was really brought into fruition, because of the limitations of SD it was lost. The blues and greens on the hull looked excellent.

Unfortunately in a lot of the shots so far from Season 2 the hull and interior lighting appears to have been completely desaturated.
I'm not trying to be contrary to anyone for the sake of being contrary, but those three screencaps from season two that you quoted look pretty nice. Actually, the majority of the screencaps from TrekCore's review look really stunning, perhaps not up to the high bar of the first season, but they still look marvelous. I mean, how can one say otherwise?

Between this and TrekCore's review, I am eagerly looking forward to this Blu-ray. I mean, I'm this close to selling my right kidney to finance the purchase of the (eventual) entire set of Blu-rays. I'm not particularly worried. I understand that many of you are disappointed; I would only suggest that you hold off on too much speculation until you see the actual product personally.

I'm not one to tell anyone else how they should enjoy any particular product, especially when it comes to Star Trek, since people can get very particular about the show when it comes to certain technical details. And I'm the same way. I just find it a little funny that anyone can say that the DVDs look in any way better than the Blu-rays. I mean, come on, of course it's going to look better, it's high-definition. Just wait. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

If TrekCore says that it looks fine, even if it looks slightly less "fine" than the first season, then that's good enough for me. I think we can relax a little, do some yoga, and be excited that we're getting some remastering done at all. I mean, did you see that new Borg matte painting? Lovely.
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