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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Another plus for the episode is that Nana Visitor has gotten to be really good at playing a tormented soul dealing with morally complex issues, and she almost makes the episode work. Almost.
Yeah, at this point in the show, they have a lot of faith in just letting Visitor carry a bottle episode where she's tormented by her past in some way. It's never a bad idea, but this isn't one of their more successful attempts.

I'm willing to accept the time travel portion as basically a sort of "vision," so the "tampering with the timestream" complaint doesn't really bother me. And meeting Kira's mother is interesting, after meeting her father in Ties of Blood and Water (?), I think it was.

Having said that, I agree that Terok Nor doesn't have the right atmosphere this time around. Doesn't feel distinct at all.

I will say this in the episode's favor: even when they aren't great individual episodes, these stories that probe Kira's past and force her to deal with all manner of pain and agony really add up over time and contribute to her being such a complete character by the end of the show.
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