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Re: National Novel Writing Month

^ Yeah, that's definitely prudent.

The worst part is that Word has an auto-backup feature. I thought I had turned it on ages ago. But when I looked, the box wasn't checked. I hadn't ever needed it before, so I hadn't noticed that it wasn't doing it.

If you can believe it, I lost some work yesterday evening, as well - not on my Nano novel, but on this map concept I've been working on in Gimp, as part of a fictional city-creation project. I wasn't really paying attention to how long it had been, and for some reason wasn't saving every few minutes like I normally do, and then Gimp crashed. Twice in one day I lost progress! Fortunately, the vast majority of the work I'd been doing in Gimp was experimenting, trying different things on the map to see how they looked, then erasing them and trying something else, etc. So recreating the final map I had right before it crashed only took about twenty minutes.

But still! The entire day was a pointed reminder to SAVE OFTEN when working on anything like this, and be careful when copying and overwriting files!

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