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Re: Love, hate and the AMT Enterprise model

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The memories! I had my 1st Enterprise in the early 70s, when it was packaged in a long box (long after the lighting kit was no longer an option), and I tried so hard to match the paint scheme from the box photo, instead of the studio miniature!
That wasn't the box photo that made it look mostly blue with a yellow light across the front, was it?
Yep! Light blue, with yellow highlight across the edge of the saucer (I'm guessing that was supposed to be the reflection of sunlight)

When I put mine together as a kid, I followed that literally, actually painting parts of it yellow and the rest blue. I don't know what I was thinking.
I think a lot of people followed the box as the guide--especially if they did not have a lot of photo references at the time. Its funny--despite the series' nacelle caps pulsating with the spinning effect, I preferred the caps to be red like the box!
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