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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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And as far as Buffy... Let's be honest.
It was by any account I've read a critical and commercial failure. Maybe some of the people with a better grasp on numbers can argue that it was a successful film, but my impression was that not even fans of the TV series that was based on it like it.
I was talking about the show, as Ian referenced it as a success.

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Edited to add: And it looks like Tomb Raider's sequel only brought in 65 million domestically at the box office on a 90 million dollar budget.... OUCH. A good example of why they might be nervous to green light a Wonder Woman movie. Even a star like Jolie couldn't bring in people.
Again, though: a terrible movie and a sequel to a mediocre movie that people felt lukewarm about at best. Besides Jolie, the Tomb Raider movies did not have the kind of talent (and money) behind it that most of the Marvel movies or the Nolan Batman films do.

I still can't come up with a single female-led movie that was actually good, that had the kind of budget and talent behind it that most of the big superhero movies have, and failed at the box office. Making the "action movies starring women don't sell" argument on the basis of Tomb Raider 2, Elektra, and Catwoman is like making an argument against male-led superhero movies based on Ghost Rider 2 and Green Lantern.
Again, only brought up Tomb Raider because it was used as a "successful" example, and I'm refuting it

But even awful films make money (X Men Last Stand) and thus are considered successful.
Batman does not eat nachos.
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