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Re: What minimum ratings does dr who need to get to not be canceled

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Well what didn't exactly help DW's ratings was being scheduled against the likes of Cornation Street.
That didn't happen until 1987, well after the 1985 'cancellation'.
The '85 season started with 9mill, had dropped to 5.5 when the cancellation became news, and came back up to almost 8 by the end of season (possibly because people thought it was 'last chance to see'), so season 22 averaged out at about 7.5 - not great, but OK, and better than seasons 21 or 18.
Then the autumn 1986 season got about 4 million. The year after that it was moved to the Corry slot, where it started as badly, but tended to get better week-by-week. The last episode of season 25 topped six mill (which beats most of season 18. Or season 4).
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