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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I meant to remark before that this strikes me as odd:
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Return to Tomorrow
Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
†Contains “Blackship Theme” Composed by Fred Steiner
What's called "Blackship Theme" here and in "Mirror, Mirror" is the same melody that was called "Romulan Theme" in "Balance of Terror." So shouldn't this say "Contains 'Romulan Theme' Composed by Fred Steiner" instead, since that's the original source of the melody?

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I'm surprised this one would be put together, since it so directly competes with the existing GNP Crescendo disc. The first disc with the two pilots I understand, it's inevitable for that one to be made. But this one was not inevitable.

How does the total run time compare with the old one? (Don't have my copy with me here)
See my post right after the one you quoted -- I list the cues that were not included on the GNP release, as well as covering the numerous typos on that album's track list. This version is both substantially more complete and more accurate than the previous one.

And somewhere in this thread, there's a link to a podcast interview with the box set's producers, and they explain how they came to an understanding with GNP about the set, convincing them how important it was that it be complete. Apparently this is a joint release between La-La Land and GNP, which I assume means that GNP gets a cut of the profits.
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