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ENTER | ENT Avatar Contest | Harbinger

Or, as we say here in Bahstin, Hahbinjuh.

Previously in the Enterprise Avatar Contest:

I won the episode category with my avatar of Reed fending off T'Pol's affections and gallant Orac came in second with a lovely picture of T'Pol's armpits.

Miss Lemon won the ENT Theme category with her avatar of blue on pink love, Hopeful Romantic came in second with another avatar of Andorian love.

Miss Lemon also won the Random theme with her Malala Yousafzai avatar with Orac and I tying for second place with avatars of Neil Armstrong and Rosa Parks, respectively.

On to the new contest:

This weeks episode as chosen by me is the slashtastic Harbinger.

The new ENT theme as chosen by the lovely and talented Miss Lemon is Hands.

The new Random theme was jointly chosen by Miss Lemon and, er, me, and is Feet (includes paws and hooves).

Well what are you waiting for? Enter this wicked pissah contest now! Don't make me use the Ouija board on ya!
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