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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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As I said upthred, it wasn't abou protectng M, it was aout protecting everyone else.Number of innocent civilians killed by Slva after Bond kidnaps M? Zero.
Though that would also have been the result if they'd stashed M elsewhere and left the "trail of breadcrumbs" to Skyfall where Bond was waiting.

However, I thought there was a definite subtext - and referenced in dialogue - that M goes with him because it's one last field mission with a chance of killing the guy who'd just fucked up her career, and a chance of getting killed- which would be preferable to her than the enforced retirement she faced otherwise. She went willingly, with her eyes open - she was taking the Long Walk, as it were.
The sound was terrible but since they wanted mushmouth to follow them, what was the point of the scene with Shaggy (aka Sissy?) They didn't even get enough time to get supplies, so I presume the scheme failed? I also presumed that the MI# computers controlled everything in England, Scotland, Ireland and all points on the surface of the planet contiguous with them. Overnight mailing a rush order to a gun dealer in Virginia was obviously out of the question, right? Was the fortuitous help of a homicidal Happy Serf "gamekeeper" part of the plan?

And least important, what kind of game is there to keep in that godforsaken moonscape?
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