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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I believe this about sociopaths and psychopaths. They are like those organisms in the original Star Trek series that feed on love or anger. In their case, they feed on negative energy - anger, fear, desperation, and so on. The Governor thrives on negative energy. When Maggie refused to give him what he wanted, the emotions associated with rape, like a predator who is challenged by prey, he backed down. He then formulated a new strategy that worked for him.

When I hear him talk to Maggie, I can see the deception that he played with the National Guard pilot. I can see why he would want to conquer the prison - it's near a natural water source.

With camps killing each other over resources, there won't be many survivors left in the end. Eventually, someone has to say this crap has to end, and begin the process of consolidating camps.

So, Woodbury has 75 or so survivors, some of them children, and the Governor wants to send in forces to remove people from the prison - a place he considers in his 'backyard'. One can't build a sustainable community with 75 people - one needs more. Now, he is planning a military operation with paramilitary wannabes that could result in further deaths to his community. I am beginning to think this man doesn't care about the long-term sustainability of his community. Like many sociopaths, he sees something he wants, and will do anything to get it, and damn the consequences.

As for Andrea, I think she is a lost soul who is looking for something she didn't have when she was growing up. I watch crime dramas and they describe such people. For instance, the followers of Jim Jones. When Andrea hugged the Governor, I thought of a child hugging a father. Her smile clinched it for me.

It's interesting that Michionne picked up on the fact that the Governor is a Jim Jones-type leader. It's rather scary when I think about. The implications for Woodbury's future are not great. Jim Jones convinced by force of will or force of gun to have his followers kill themselves when their community was facing imminent destruction. Would the Governor in the same situation order the destruction of every man, woman, and child in his community?

There are other parallels between Jim Jones and the Governor. Both acted to kill anyone who left the community. Both acted without thought for the future of the community - Jones had his people kill an official representative of the US government, along with his entourage, and people who chose to leave the community, thus bringing about the ire of the host country, and the Governor is planning an operation that will reduce his manpower, when it has been suggested that individuals from the prison community might be on their way to liberate their people. Unless the people in the prison community act stupidly, they can wait out the recon party until Rick gets back to dispose them of as he will.

I notice this year that the zombies are appearing grayer than normal. I thought I was imagining things, until I read a text note on the aftershow, "The Talking Dead", that the make-up people altered the makeup of the zombies to show that these creatures were further along in their decay.

As for Milton, I don't know what career he had before the zombie apocalypse. I do have the feeling that he was someone who felt comfortable working from home and didn't have friends. I see Milton as prey who sought shelter in the comfort of predators - whatever skills or training he had before, made him valuable to these predators.
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