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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

I nearly missed last night's ep!

How can Hook steal Aurora's heart? Is he a sorcerer?

Why did David need to get poked by the spinning wheel needle? Wasn't he under some sort of sleeping curse for the 1st 28 years he was in Storybrook?

I loved seeing Emma hold her "Mother's" hand while Snow/Mary Margaret was under the sleeping potion's effects, but it made me wonder. Has she ever called Snow/MM Mom? Has Snow ever TOLD Emma she is loved?

Having never watched Mulan... and realizing it did not cross with Grimm's fairytales, I still have to ask something. Is Mulan's interest in Aurora JUST because of the promise she made to Phillip?

I have to say... if ANYONE can save Regina... its going to be Henry!
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