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Re: National Novel Writing Month

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I haven't worked on mine for the past four days, which is about what I expected, given that I was out of town and otherwise indisposed, but I've thought about my story quite a bit and I'm in the "home stretch." I've been gradually massaging the conclusion I had in mind so it can be satisfying and complete. I plan to get back to writing it tonight.
So you actually write a complete, coherent story in November? Not me. I have trouble thinking of any plot idea I've ever had and attempted to develop with any real effort that would fit within 50,000 words. Nano, for me, is always "the first draft of the first segment of this overarching plotline."

But yes, home stretch time! Go go!

So, I am ahead now. I was ahead as of yesterday morning, after attending a write-in and managing almost 2500 words while there.

Then, after I got home, I accidentally copied FROM my USB memory stick, instead of TOO it, overwriting the (newer) version of my novel that was on my hard drive in a moment of carelessness. Erased all the work I had done at the write-in. After staring at the screen in shock for a few moments, followed by trying to kick down a couple walls, I contemplated just giving up entirely. Nano 2012: called off at 41k on account of rain.

But then I decided I'd rather try to get through it, so I wrote down half-assed, typo-ridden synopses of every scene I'd lost, as quickly as I could while they were still somewhat fresh in my mind. From those, I managed to re-write the full scenes, not EXACTLY as they had been before of course, but close enough. Went on a tear and wrote 2600 words in an hour and a half. So I guess the moral of the story is never give up!

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