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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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As for the experiment he's trying to accomplish...i am sure that is on orders of the Governor. The way he has been able to keep his daughter relatively calm... that shows the theory has SOME merit.
I also took it to mean, regarding the lack of subjects, that there are no zombies that have any relationship with the Woodbury survivors (other than the Governor's daughter.) Witht he subject...they were tyring to put some strong memories in his head, so that when he turns...they could "prove" that some meories are retained (and stretching that hope in terms of "saving" the dead.
This show takes SO much from Romero's Day of the Dead and Survival of the Dead; in Day, there's the experiements to control zombies and seek to reach some of their human memory (giving them flesh rewards), and in Survival, zombies are contained with the theory that they may "return" to normal and/or retain their identity.

Even the term "walkers" was used in one of the Romero films (I think Land of the Dead, although "stenches" was the most used term).

Does Milton know about the Governor's daughter? if so, that would be a motivation to explore that theory as well.
But she has no mind, and as soon as the Governor tore a piece of her scalp off, she immediately returned to "biter" mode.

...and one of the biggest flaes of this series is a lack of revulsion to the smell of a decomposing human. the longer it goes on, the more overpowering/sickening it gets. The governor should not be able to sit that close to his daughter, much like Michonne's two zombies should have turned her stomach.

I've read accounts of former soliders who routinely dealt with the smell of death, and years later, if encountered again, it was still a grueling experience. So, it is not like getting used to bad breath or someone passing gas.
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