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Re: Sayings that you hate now

"Attention Whore" - Gets used way to much from people that are just looking to be the center of attention, to people with a legitimate complaint. It's not the same thing .

"Troll" or "Spammer" - Getting a lot of work out lately on other forums I'm on whenever someone (old or new) doesn't agree with the majority opinion. It can be a thought out, honest, intelligent opinion, but if you're not in lock step (see: Disney is going to rape SW, the end if NIGH!) you're a troll or spammer.

"First World Problem" - We get it, you're so above it all that you are passing judgement on the fact that I have a problem that someone else in a more impoverished part of the world wouldn't have. You're so enlightened. Now shut up and either help me shove my car out of the intersection before I get hit or get the fuck out of the way*.

"F word" - Just say "fuck", not "f word" or "f bomb" or "frack" just say fuck you fucking moron.

"Baby Daddy" - Do I even need to explain this one.

* - Few days ago my engine died (bad alternator, fried the battery too) in a busy 4 way intersection. Was trying to push it out of the way when a bicyclist rode up, stopped and asked what happened, told him and his says "Talk about your first world problems" with a smug tone. Then proceeded to stand there and gawk while me and a city police officer push the car on to the side to wait for a tow.
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