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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Well, that was quite creepy. The Governor is going to have to die now, but probably not until after the break. I have a feeling the ending to next week's episode will not be fun.

The killing of the Hermit kind of bothered me, but everything happened very fast, so it was understandable. What felt off to me was the beginning, when they brought in Michonne. She showed up at the fence with baby supplies, ready to faint-- why would Rick hurt her and Daryl hold a crossbow on her?

It's good to see the prisoners being integrated into the group, but I have a feeling they are just there to be fodder in the war with Woodbury.

Another thing that interests me is the Red Zone. Presumably, the Red Zone is especially zombie-ridden. And, presumably, that's where our people have been all this time. So, first of all, what makes the Red Zone so appealing to zombies? Second of all, if things aren't that bad outside the Red Zone, why hasn't civilization made more of a comeback?
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