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Re: VOY Caption This 91; Conspiracy

Seven: Are you sure this isn't a self portrait Doctor? The nose looks more like yours than hers.

Unknown Ensign: (Internal conversation) I can't believe Chakotay is spitting into Dalby's cup! I can't believe Dalby is LETTING Chakotay spit into his cup! Hmmm, maybe I was all wrong about Chakotay and Seska being THE power couple among the Maquis.

Janeway: Tuvok, if you are here to tell me we've run out of coffee, I'll give you 5 seconds to run before I open fire.

Durst: My place, tonight, 1800 hours. You bring the melted chocolate and I'll bring the whipped cream.
Janeway: Yum!

EMH: Captain Janeway, how many times must I remind you that Ensign Durst is ALLERGIC to chocolate!
Janeway: Uhhh.
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