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Tom Riker
Re: Star Trek Author's black list?

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How about the quality if the idea? The high mind concept seemed to be what the series thrived on and looked for where ever it came from as they can be few and far in between. it seems CLB was given Enterprise without even a story idea whereas people like the Reeves-Stevens team have a pretty cool idea with the Borg queen as a starfleet officer before she became that, or aren't they interested in good ideas, but just good solid writing like the movies are? I guess it's hard for anybody to know what a good Trek idea is anymore because the medium lends itself more to how well it is executed.
Mostly these days we just blow up planets, kill and reanimiate characters at will and play continuity porn and try to explain 50 years of errors and then THE FEDERATION'S GREATEST ENEMIES SIGN A PACT OF EVILLLL.

I should just go read the new jedi order again.
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