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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Milton said he "telecommuted" to work. What kind of SCIENTIST does that? He'd have to go to a lab, if he were a "real" scientist...and maybe have a friend or two there.

Milton is nowhere in the league of the CDC scientist...he may have been a computer technician or

I think he's just someone who has the most training to make him the scientist of the group...maybe a step lower than Herschel , the vet (i.e ANIMAL doctor) is now the group's medical doctor (for humans).
Yeah, in the post apocalypse, you take what you can get. In fact from they way he talked about himself, I'd almost think he could have survived by having been a shut in. No family, friends, works from home, but perhaps educated. He's the town nerd

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...they were trying to put some strong memories in his head, so that when he turns...they could "prove" that some meories are retained (and stretching that hope in terms of "saving" the dead.
Oh... I realize what he was trying to do. His premise is sound & his method is reasonable. It's his conditions which he has not given any consideration to, perhaps because he doesn't really know walkers well enough to have figured it out yet AND he's more of a science hobbyist than a scientist

I'm not a scientist at all either, & even I know that in order to observe the possible reaction he is looking for, he has to isolate the subject from anything that could contaminate the environment, like a hot meaty lunch waving their arms in front of its face. 1st & foremost, when a person reanimates they are forever in a state of carnal frenzy, so long as there is anything present upon which to feed. Everyone should know that much

& since he learned from Michonne's mules that a neutralized walker becomes more docile. His experimenting should now reflect that understanding. He ought to have been creating a neutral condition in which to study his subject, & he didn't
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