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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I quickly pasted in the original shot (or as close as I could get from TrekCore's SD screencaps. It's a few seconds off) literally upscaled (resized) to match the HD version as closely as possible.

Sure, the original has some VHS fuzz on it, but is it me or is there sharper edges/more "realistic" contrast and overall detail (minus the fuzz of course) than the new HD version?

Most of the other shots can be explained away via preference for matching the original, but why it looks this bad is just incomprehensible to me. :S
I do not know wtf they thought when they made this shot! I'm sorry to say that but the Enterprise from DVD version looks BETTER.

Was this due to them not caring, not having time, saving sh..load of money pr WHAT? This is inexcusable...

As we get more and more screenshots, I really don't understand. For this shot, not even the story of them keeping true to original style (Legato/Curry) holds up. In light of this shot (and quite a lot of others) it looks like a story made up on last minute to calm down the crowd.

Given that they made some good VFX as well it looks to me like either:
- rushed job to meet deadlines
- significant cost savings

It is so disappointing. This project started so well. But as they say - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I'm loosing faith in this project with every new VFX cap and it pains me to even think of that the worst season (S1) may be in the end the best looking of all 7.

The issue is, everybody will buy it anyway, so why not to save some bucks on VFX here and there...right CBS / HTV? Right?
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