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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

2x17-Serpent's Song: This episode is a good follow-up for no other reason than to show just how weakened Apophis has become since his defeat at the start of the season. I do want to see more system lords. I also do not believe Apophis is dead. I'm wondering though if he might become the Gul Dukat of the show now?

2x18-Holiday: The "Freaky Friday" episode. Kinda bored during this episode honestly.

2x19-One False Step: This episode only slightly improved upon Holiday. If I were Dr.Frasier I'd like to know how these humans developed a symbiotic relationship with the plants? What was the benefit of the plants? I don't recall that being covered nor the benefit to the humans? I assumed the plants emitted that "dog whistle" noise that was shown to agitate O'Neill and Daniel. Prolonged exposure then might shut the body down, thus it benefitted them to evolve and adapt. But this served the plants how?

2x20-Show & Tell: Finally!! A kick ass episode again. I felt like these "insect alien terrorists"(blanking on their name right now) reminded me of Species 8472 from Voyager in some way. That aside their attack brought the Tok'ra back with Sam's dad in tow. Didn't really think we'd see him again so soon honestly. SGC needs to mount those special wavelength emitters all over the GateRoom now. It felt very wrong for the kid to take the name Charlie....then die in Jack's arms. Did anyone else feel that was just wrong when you first saw it?

2x21-1969: Standard time travel episode that is required of a sci-fi series. This one was good though and held my attention for a filler episode. Nothing here happens that furthers any ongoing sub-plot or main plot with the system lords that I could tell.

2x22-Out of Mind: Hathor is back! So she's seeking to reclaim her status among the system lords but needs to know the "lay of the land" before really moving forward. What this episode fails to do is tell us just how SG-1 got captured by her in the first place. I'm guessing the s3 opener will fill in that blank. In an interesting twist it now seems that having been once exposed to her "charms" and freed the team is immune. Nice way to bypass that issue going forward. Makes me think that should she not die we may see more of her down the road? Nice cliff hanger.

Two seasons down. A fifth of the way done. So far so good!
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