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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I cannot believe this is a screengrab from the actual finished product? Tell me you messed with this shot in photoshop or something like that? How dare these hacks butcher this show like this? These people had a million dollar budget and this is the result??? Is this some kind of sick joke? CBS was conned out of their money if this screenshot is for real. God how could this happen after the masterful work we saw in season 1??? They actually managed to downgrade the show from what we had on the DVDs. HTV Illuminate = Epic Fail!

I'm not sure I will be able to watch Season 2 remastered in blu ray if this is the kind of things we get to see. It will be too jarring. The DVDs might be blurry but at least they are consistant and don't rip you out of the experience by lighting up the Enterprise like a Christmas tree ornament.
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