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Re: Orson Scott card's post-election rant

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No it isn't. A thread can exist in both TNZ and Misc without penalty, since TNZ is an "opt-in" forum.
Based on this post from Neroon, it was originally posted in SF, and was moved to TNZ by a mod. SF isn't opt-in.

Though, I do wonder why the OP would post it in SF, let it get moved to TNZ, and then a full week later, post the exact same thread in Misc. Wasn't one thread enough?
Sorry for the repost, but for some reason I can't access my original thread, so I thought it had been deleted. Originally it said that that thread was moved, but when I tried to access it I got a message saying I wasn't able to access the page (the same thing happened when I clicked on the Neroon post you just linked to). I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm sorry for the confusion.
Might you have closed yourself off from the TNZ group in your control panel? The thread is still here in the election sub-forum in TNZ.

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But it would be like submitting a script, no matter how good it is, to nBSG where they break out into musical numbers from Glee. It doesn't work within the constraints of the show.
Roddenberry liked to claim that Ellison's teleplay marked a dramatic departure from the series format, but it just isn't true.

You can purchase the teleplay (along with Ellison's outlines and plenty of background interview) or just read about it here.
I have read it, and I think it's excellent, but I agree with GR that his rewrite is a better fit for the series. In particular, I like the change from the drug dealer to an accidentally drugged McCoy, and I like the depiction of the Guardian in Roddenberry's version better than Ellison's. I gather that what upset Ellison the most is the ending:

I don't presume to declare which version is artistically superior, but ultimately these characters are Roddenberry's creation, he was responsible for creating a coherent, consistent portrait of them across episodes from various authors, and I think it was perfectly appropriate for him to rewrite Ellison's ending to be more consistent with his own vision of the characters.

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