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Re: Star Ship Polaris

The practical console has some extra red in the midtones that I have not yet replicated on the adjacent console, which would definitely help to integrate the two.

Haven't decided yet what to do with the supports for the practical console. Will probably depend on how much of it gets replaced or augmented with CG. Might need to give it a solid front if you want to do something like a wider angle establishing shot and the live action elements need to move up from the bottom of the frame. Otherwise the legs of the person standing behind the console (or lack thereof) will present a problem.

While we're on the console subject, I noticed it rocks and jiggles slightly when poked and prodded in the clips you sent me. Whether or not it gets replaced with CG, might be worth locking down the image of it so it doesn't do that.

Finally, the space shown above does look fairly cavernous, but it's going to be filled with all kinds of machinery and equipment in the next iteration that will likely banish--or at least obscure--that impression.
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