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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

I had a theory that some people have a genetic tendency while others have a malfunction, either in formation of the brain or later. But neither of these is necessarily going to cause various mental issues, they may, but sometimes a triggering event is needed. The trigger could be single, multiple, physical, emotional, etc--all of which will cause the release of various chemicals in the body, one of which is the trigger for that person.

The more times the trigger gets pulled, the worse the situation may become, until it's self-triggering or permanent, absent intervention. Which is why, with most people, medication and some other action is required.

I was on anti-depressants for 3 years. During this time, I was tasked with trying again and again to store positive feelings of self-worth. My brain malfunctioned on permanent storage of positive feelings, something in the creation-to-storage pathway did work; negative ones got stored fast as "needed for survival." The meds got the process to function, but I had to keep trying until the pathway was set.

Analogy: My positive thoughts/feelings had to cross a chasm for storage. I had no bridge, no pathway, because of an error in the formation of my brain. The meds provided the materials for the bridge, but I had to figure out how to build it. You must remember, I had been trying to build the bridge with imaginary materials and didn't have the slightest idea how to build something that most people already have by the time they're 5yo. 100% failure rate prior, but now I had to keep trying. The bridge is built. It's a bit flimsy sometimes, and if I'm not actually DOING anything, I don't really have a lot of accomplishments (materials to build/reinforce the bridge), so things kinda wear down.

Eh, the shrink said that was a good analogy and asked if he could use/alter it. I like analogy.

Oh, and Kestra is right about getting the right fit with a therapist. The person might be great at what they do...for some people. But not for you. Not anyone's fault, just a black sock and a white sock instead of a matched pair. Both are good socks otherwise.
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