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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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i'm thinking early theories about Daryl being the one to face and/or kill Merle may not be the case, as it could be too expected. Then again, if any of the governor's guards make their way to the prison to capture the rest of Rick's group, and bring them back to be used to end the fighting, Carol being threatened would set Daryl off, despite his stated relationship to his brother (in the preview).
I'm starting to get that feeling too, & for a long time I really did think Daryl would have to face off with Merle, but now I'm wondering if there will be something unexpected instead.

The Gov & Merle don't exactly trust each other, & are certainly not honest with one another. After catching that little history bomb about Merle having told the Gov that the prison was unconquerable, I'm beginning to think there's gonna be a breakdown in their relationship, that might get Merle dead

We've learned a lot about Merle we didn't know. Mostly that even though he's tough, wild, & batshit crazy, he's also kind of cowardly, in how he kowtows to the Gov & even skulks away from his fight with Michonne because he knows he's out matched
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