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Re: Do flaws make good characters great?

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You can make anybody sound bad if you work at it!

And, seriously, labelling nuKirk an "alcoholic" is really stretching things. He orders a beer at a bar once in the entire movie! I don't recall him showing drunk or hungover on the bridge. (Plus, you left out the part where enrolls in the Academy and turns his life around.)
He could barely remember his name when he came up to the bar. He had obviously had a few.

As far as which group I'd trust to have better values, I'd go with the original series gang over the nu kids on the block. Yeah Kirk used Karidian but he wasn't using her for sex or to advance his position in life, he was using her to see justice done. When I see Scott send that mutt through the transporter in The Enemy Within, its not to test a pet theory or to show up a professor who disagrees with him, he's trying to save the life of his captain.

I guess I just see a difference in how the two groups operate. Yes the original gang would push the limits but it was either for a good cause or because they were being manipulated by outside forces. The nu kids seem more self-absorbed, at least in the first film, with their flaws being directed towards their own self-gratification.

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