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I'm excited about the expansion. I'm going to try to go slowly through the experience - I finished Leviathan all in one sitting and while it was fun, it was over too quickly.

I may also try to finish off the game again after completing Omega - after doing the Leviathan and Omega expansions I am hopeful I'll be able to make it to level 60 and get that achievement. Although I cringe thinking about trying to survive that last battle again.
I really struggled with it the first time around because I kept trying to defeat every enemy (that's what two games worth of behavioural conditioning does to you!) I must have died a dozen times, but it actually became pretty simple once I focused on just staying alive. Short version: kite like a crazy person!

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The trailer has been removed by the user.
OK, let's try that again...

The Engineer wrote: View Post
Leviathan should have been the plot to the entire third game. Not that I have an issue with the plot of the third game really, just that Leviathan was that good. I'm really looking forward to Omega but can't get it until next monday, unfortunately.
Actually, I think it would have been better if it was part of Mass Effect 2. I mean the "great mystery" of the Collectors was that they were just left over Prothean husks. Whoopie..? The second game really should have been about finding the origin of the reapers and perhaps ended with the finding of the crucible blueprints.

In other news it looks like they're doing a viral thing again, though this time they have two accounts (Cerberus & the Talons) tweeting simultaneously. Wow, Cerberus's cryptologists are seriously overpaid, they're using a basic Caesar cipher.

First coded message wrote:
Pvivyvna qvffragref genpxrq gb Shzv Qvfgevpg. Qrcybl gebbcref naq arj zrpu havgf gb ryvzvangr. Uhag evatyrnqref sbe cebprffvat.

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