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Re: Was the Ambassador Class phased out?

Any others?
Apart from those mentioned, only the more or less unnamed one from DS9 "Emissary", identified by backstage means as having been labeled the Yamaguchi, was seen on screen.

In TNG "Second Chances", the show-and-tell Okudagram describing the duplication of Will Riker featured an Ambassador class silhouette to describe USS Potemkin, Will's old ship, but backstage sources have traditionally identified that ship as an Excelsior, as per the one and only onscreen appearance of a ship of that name in TNG, in "Ethics".

That is, we saw the Excelsior class vessel that had apparently ferried Dr. Russell to the hero ship for the adventure of the week, and Russell said she had some gear aboard the Potemkin, suggesting this was the name of the ferry vessel - but of course the ship we saw had no name or registry visible, and in theory Russell might have been expecting some of her equipment to arrive on a later ship. Or something.

Certainly it would also be possible that there were two ships of that name in the 2360s, and the Ambassador class one was lost at some point and replaced by an Excelsior. Both classes might have remained in production, and canonically we never quite saw the registry of either vessel so we can't derive chronological ques from that, either. (There are some blurry onscreen Okudagrams with various registry options, though.)

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