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Re: Canon characters killed in lit-verse. (spoilers)

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He died of old age in Articles of the Federation, actually.
In a book written by Krad - now in exile from writing star trek lit.

If bringing the character back is in the least advantageous for some future plot, he will be brought back - and 'Articles of the federation' will go the 'didn't happen in universe' route of 'Indistinguishable from magic'.
Erm, sure? I mean, it's a given that that could happen to any novel. But I don't see what this weirdly hostile tone towards KRAD has to do with -- well, with anything, really.
So, you haven't heard (or if you have, you refuse to accept the evident):
With the current editors, D. McIntee and Krad are out/blacklisted. The current editors, apparently, just don't work well with them.
For confirmation, see

The consequences of this:
- we won't get any more star trek books from either author;
- their books are very susceptible of becoming 'not part of trek lit continuity' - "Indistinguishable from magic' is already no longer part of the continuity, as confirmed by D. Mack.
Krad's books (any element from them that was not further developed by other authors, at the very least) are in the same boat.
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