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Re: Oz: The Great & Powerful pre-release thread

Listened to the trailer before my Skyfall showing. (I generally like to skip trailers entirely, but the seats in this theatre didn't allow for easy entrances/exits.)

Sounds like yet another "unlikely stranger becomes phrophesied savior, because young white people are the best" flick. A stylistically identical remake of Burton's Alice, except with a guy. Why can't we ever get a story about two people entering a strange land, but our protagonist is the dude who isn't the chosen one? He could still have wild adventures; heck, if the actual chosen one becomes more of a general figure than a front-lines fighter, the non-chosen one could actually wind up with the more interesting story. You could still have Joseph Campbell's Hero formula, but add at least a little twist for flavor...

... Looks like my beloved Rachel's streak of mediocre bigger-ticket movies continues. Fred Claus, not-Bourne, Dream House... get a new agent, hon!
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