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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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Edited to add: And it looks like Tomb Raider's sequel only brought in 65 million domestically at the box office on a 90 million dollar budget.... OUCH. A good example of why they might be nervous to green light a Wonder Woman movie. Even a star like Jolie couldn't bring in people.
Actually, I think most of those two movies' business came from Jolie, rather than the name "Lara Croft", which many people have heard of, but hardly anoyone could say anything substantive about. If Jolie at her peak had vigorously lobbied for a WW movie starring herself, we might well have gotten one. But she didn't, and now she's past her action peak, and there aren't any women stars as big as she once was.

... Which is yet another reason why WW will debut in JLA. Sell the character without putting a whole movie's chips on her. That's what I'd do if it were my money on the line.
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