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Re: Wilderness - A Little Taster

Shuttlebay One, Deck 8, U.S.S. Juno
San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth
Stardate: 35007.3 (January 3rd, 2358)

Brek chim Jorr stood on the landing deck of the cavernous shuttlebay one, watching as the Himalaya-Class runabout passed through the protective forcefield. The Juno had two shuttlebays at the rear of the ship, between which was located the aft torpedo launcher. Both were two decks high, with the control booth on the deck above, whilst beneath him was one large hangar where the shuttles were stored and maintained when not on operational standby. Though the shuttlebay, craft and pilots were under the purview of the Conn Officer, he needed to be kept apprised of its status in his role as Operations Manager, so he knew all the ins and outs bay and what went on.

The Kilimanjaro had been borrowed from the fleet yard so the Captain could go...somewhere. Her trip had been shrouded in mystery, all she’d said about it was that it was a personnel matter which would take her a few days to resolve. Jorr wasn’t a fan of mysteries or Captain’s going off half-cocked for days at a time—something made worse when he barely knew them.

The runabout landed graceful on the deck with a light metallic thud. He stood close to the bay entrance and watched as the warp nacelles and impulse engines powered down, before the starboard side outer hatch opened and the steps unfolded from the side of the craft. It was only then that he approached the runabout, a PADD clutched in his hand, ready to give Rhyth a full report.

He heard the inner airlock open and expected to see the blonde Trill exit, so when a muscular human male stepped out of the Kilimanjaro he stopped and scowled. The man had a crew cut of sandy-brown hair, with a few days’ worth of stubble to match, as his blue eyes taking in the shuttlebay, Jorr quickly surveyed the newcomer. He was in red, with Commander pips clearly displayed, whilst a duffle bag was slung over his left shoulder.

“Who are you?” Jorr asked as he approached the front of the runabout, followed by a gruff snort.

The man looked down on him them stepped onto the deck, the polite smile on his face didn’t reach his eyes. If the ranking officer disliked the abrupt challenge from a Lieutenant, he gave no sign of it.

“Commander Saul Keller. You must be Lieutenant Jorr,” he said offering his hand.

Just then another head popped out of the hatch. This one he did know and gave a questioning look.

“Mr Jorr, this is out new exec,” Captain Rhyth informed him. “I had to go and convince him to leave his last posting, and then give him a lift here.”

“I see,” he said slowly, not taking his eyes off her as she joined the two men. The Commander, obviously twigged to the fact that the handshake wasn’t going to happen, lowered his hand.

“I’ve cleared it with Personnel when we were heading back, his service jacket should be logged in the next day or two.

“I trust everything’s gone smoothly,” she said, quickly changing the topic.

He handed her the PADD. “Of course,” he informed her, a little bothered at the idea that he wouldn’t be on top of matters onboard. As Rhyth quickly looked over the PADD, he focused on her, but became aware that the Commander was looking him up and down. Jorr was unlike most Tellarite, a species often seen to be short and squat, he stood only a few centimetres short of the human and, though not as muscled, had a firm physique. He left the Commander alone, after all it wasn’t the first time he’d been scrutinised due to his unusual appearance. He informed the Captain of a few points that hadn’t been listed, such as the arrival of Lieutenant Matheson and her request to meet at her earliest convenience, as well as the latest round of stress tests were underway and due to be completed within the next eight hours, and that the holodeck memory core had needed replaced, as it had proved to have insufficient capacity for the crew’s needs.

She listened and nodded whilst continuing to read the latest updates. Once he was finished, she finished up her cursory inspection of the duty logs then tucked the datapad under her arm.

“Everything looks good, Mr Jorr, I should leave you alone more often,” she commented with a smile.

“I know this ship, sir,” he told her proudly. He had served on the Juno since she’d launched five years ago and in that time had run countless diagnostics, crawled through kilometres of Jefferies tubes, tweaked and tinkered with every system onboard, in short he’d left his mark just about everywhere and took great pride in that knowledge.

“That you do,” she told him. She paused and looked over her shoulder at the Kilimanjaro, resting quietly on the deck. “Lieutenant, the Juno is rated to carry a runabout, isn’t she?”

“The Cheyenne-Class is capable of storing one, but there has never been one onboard the Juno.”

“Hmm,” she mused. “I was just thinking that it might be useful to have one, I can think of several occasions when having a micro-starship could come in handy.”

Jorr looked back at the Himalaya-Class ship. “It would carry a few problems with it though. Our shuttle complement would be cut by half and we don’t have the facilities to swap out modules, so it would only be equipped with whatever it was loaded with before we departed.

“However, seeing as how it would be a larger, multifunction vessel, it would replace the need of several shuttles,” he concluded. “Shall I make some calls?”

Rhyth flashed him a bright smile. “If you wouldn’t mind, Lieutenant.”

“Of course. Shall I organise a tour for the Commander?”

“I’ll see to that. There are a few things I need to go over with Saul, and I need to get him up to speed with the refit work. I’ll also organise a conference for this afternoon, to do some introductions with the senior officers.

“On that note, is there any word on lieutenants Daro and Ra-Vahlei?”

“They’re both due on the transport ship Nash the day after tomorrow. So far however there haven’t been any problems with their departments, I’ve been co-ordinating with Lieutenant Stell and Ensign Martinez over the last week until the chiefs arrive.”

Rhyth clapped a hand on his shoulder. “What would happen on this ship without you, Lieutenant?”

“I dread to think, Captain.”

She and the Commander laughed. “So do I, Mr Jorr. I won’t keep you a moment longer. We’ll be up on the Bridge later. Comm me if you need me.”

“Aye sir,” he replied as she and the new XO headed for the exit. Jorr took one last look at the runabout and sighed. He’d have to pull in a favour with the dock master in order to get the ship attached to the Juno, a favour he had hoped he wouldn’t need to call on quite so soon, but he had his orders.

* * * * *

Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
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