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Re: New Frontier?

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PAD will be in Seattle in March. I intend to ask him his thoughts about continuing the series.
He has already blogged about the issue. He's always busy, but would write more NF if asked. He has no current contract with Pocket/Gallery, Ed S. hasn't invited him to pitch and PAD hasn't been sitting around with nothing to do, so he's waiting to hear from Ed rather than pursuing him. IIRC.

We realize that you do not own the "New Frontier" saga, but that little factoid aside, do you have an end game in mind for Calhoun and the Excalibur? Are you ultimately building to something and one day planning to wrap it all up?

David: I do have thoughts as to how I’d wrap up the series if given the opportunity. I also have a lot of interesting directions I’d take the books if the series keeps going. But I honestly have no clue if that’s going to come to pass. “Blind Man’s Bluff” was the last book on my current contract, and I’ve been asking Pocket for a year if the series is going to be continuing. I have yet to get a straight answer, or any answer. So for all I know, “Blind Man’s Bluff” is the last hurrah of New Frontier.
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