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Which is why I said there are times that the bubbles intersect. PAD's bubble intersected with the Novelverse bubble in Before Dishonor.
They also insected in Destiny where it is mentioned that Calhoun and the Excalibur fought off the Borg during the invasion.

PAD effectively killed off Nechayev (or someone posing as her in Blind Man's Bluff) but then she has been mentioned in recent David Mack books. So there appears to be a conflict there but perhpas the real Nechayev was found and restored?

I don't think New Frontier has had any major continuity issues. Since it mainly stays of in a sector alone conflicts don't arrise much. For BMB, PAD had to make some pre publishing changes such as removing Seven's Borg elements but I see no major conflicts.

PAD will be in Seattle in March. I intend to ask him his thoughts about continuing the series.

I don't know how the other writers feel about New Frontier but several contributed to the anthology. David Mack wrote an excellent Zak Kebron piece in there; he seems to understand the characters when he has written them.
I heard an interview on the Sci fi diner podcast a few months back. he came across as an arrogant prick, just correcting the interviewers grammar and sort of ridiculing his questions. Really turned me off of him.

New Frontier's way to cartoony for me, glad it's loss has freed up the schedule for good trek books.
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