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Re: "Borg sounds Swedish?" (First Contact) Why is it funny?

I'm watching the Swedish silent film "Gösta Berlings saga", and there's a wealthy Swedish residence in it called 'The Borg Estate'.

This immediately reminded me of the "Star Trek: First Contact" line, and I decided to look up "Borg" to find out if it really is a Swedish word and Lily was actually right (despite her line clearly being written for humour).

This thread was the first thing that came up in a Google search. The only references I can find to "Borg" as a Swedish word are the aforementioned tennis player and this movie.

I doubt Moore and Braga were thinking of the movie when they wrote the line (unless they're Greta Garbo fans, since it was the '30s star's film debut in a starring role), but I think this is a fun bit of trivia and reference to the movie anyway, whether it was intentional or not.

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