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Re: Do flaws make good characters great?

Depends how you look at things. Consider the original series:

Kirk: womanizing loose cannon who violates the Prime Directive at every opportunity. Seduces Lenore Karidian just to get revenge on her father. "I'm a soldier, not a diplomat."

Spock: Cold-blooded Vulcan who belittles humans every chance he gets. Goes into murderous rages when under the influence of pon farr, or alien spores, or alien viruses, or time-travel, or . . . .

McCoy: Shameless bigot who constantly makes racist cracks about Spock's green blood and pointed ears. Questions Kirk's decisions and authority every other episode.

Scotty: Heavy drinker with a weakness for doomed belly dancers. Gets into barroom brawls with Klingons when they diss his engines.

You can make anybody sound bad if you work at it!

And, seriously, labelling nuKirk an "alcoholic" is really stretching things. He orders a beer at a bar once in the entire movie! I don't recall him showing drunk or hungover on the bridge. (Plus, you left out the part where enrolls in the Academy and turns his life around.)

I'll bet we saw Kirk consume a lot more Saurian brandy and tranya over the course of the original TV shows and movies. And does anybody really think that Original Recipe Kirk never hit on a woman before . . ?!!

Hell, even Jean-Luc Picard got into bar fights when he was young and cocky. Remember the Nausicaans? But he eventually got his life together . . . just like nuKirk.

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