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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I tweeted to him about the ruckus on Trekcore and that there were some very unhappy fans. Coincidentally, the comments were shut down around the same time he tweeted his response. Personally, I wish he had said nothing at all as he is basically spinning it and saying we're day dreaming. Yup, if I wasn't buying S2 before I'm definitely not buying it now. If that is what he calls excellent, then I have no hope for the rest of the HTV produced seasons. What a complete cuss up.

New Horizon, if you can't tell these are two completely different shots, with noticeably different camera alignment to the model and lighting... and shot on two completely different film formats (8-perf VistaVision vs. 4-perf Standard 35mm) by two completely different VFX teams... then I seriously question your ability to objectively weigh-in on ANYTHING that comes out of this restoration effort.

You are seriously out of your depth.
Haven't been on the board in a few days but you beat me to it Max. The opening shot from EAF (first shot) is a totally different shot where the ship comes from the top of the screen and swoops in over the saucer. The second shot is just a slightly-over-the-saucer establishing shot that zooms over the top of the saucer towards the camera. It was certainly not a cut from the later portion of the EAF shot. In other words...two different shots from two different effects houses, originally.
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