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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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What happened in Catwoman?
Joker kidnaps Catwoman and just does crazy things to her while pontificating about nonsense. (And not even the usual general insanity nonsense he usually goes on about.) He takes her to the stock Abandoned Amusement Park and puts her in one of those barrel rides (you know, the ones that pin you on the wall using centripetal force and then lower the floor) but he's supercharged it supposedly to the point where it'll liquefy her. It doesn't though, he apparently stops it after it's shredder her clothes off (sans underwear) and she passes out.

When she comes to he rambles on about bullshit some more and offers her a new uniform. this one laced with a paralytic or something in it that causes her to be unable to move so he sort of treats her like a doll... or something. Eventually he gives her the antidote and offers to spare Batman's life he she marries him, she refuses. He pretty much says, "Meh, wattayagonnado?" and leaves, again taunting her a bit with the death of her friend in an earlier storyline.

It was overall just... odd. I mean you expect some level of insanity with The Joker, sure, but this was just out there, man. And it wasn't even for fan-service or anything it was almost out of character or something.
Thanks for the detailed outline. That doesn't sound like anything I need to go back a read.
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