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Linux will never be suitable for "normal people" until you don't need a command line to do simple, necessary tasks.

I haven't used Ubuntu in a while, though. J, what tasks require the command line, that a "normal user" would need?
Well, for myself, removing the guest account required me to use the terminal. I remember thinking at the time, a simple check box in the control panel to remove the guest account would have been nice.

Then there was one point where I had issues with one of the libraries, and had to reinstall it via the terminal. When I installed a couple of new themes, I had to go through the terminal to get them activated properly.

When I went from 12.04 to 12.10, I had some display driver trouble, and had to use the terminal to fix the problem, which took about half an hour.

On all of these I had to use Ubuntu support, on their forum, so even though I do have to use the terminal from time to time, their support is very good.
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