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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Rick and party have a good chance of getting into Woodburry. It seems that it will be less defended because the Governor has sent out a recon party to the prison. But do they really want to destroy Woodburry? Taking out the Governor would be a wonderful thing, and maybe a crony or two, but this town needs the protection of its citizens. If Rick and company do a mass slaughter of Woodburry protectors, they're pretty much assigning its citizens to death unless Rick and company take up residence after.

I'd really like to see Carl hold off the recon team by himself. Looks like they lock the gates to the prison and not just close them.

I thought that the hillbilly was using the smell of the decayed carcasses to keep the zombies away. I really felt bad for him and surprised at Rick's actions. This guy was minding his own business, probably pretty happy that he's survived on his own all this time then decides to go to sleep. Next thing he knows! Bam! Guys with guns break into his place and start yelling. Then he gets fed to zombies! He was just a speed bump to Rick and the group, at least the prisoner guy wasn't happy.
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