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I've got a few cutaways already! Not a lot though.

JES - you're right about the Kirov, especially the lack aft phasers. An oversight on my part.
I've got a notion that I may someday refinish all my Excelsior bashes with some aftermarket aztecking decals and proper window placements. Most of them are just painted gray, with a few random windows.
Yeah, I've noticed that most of your Excelsior bashes seem to have a lacking of details that is incongruent with most of your works, which is surprising, given the amount of detail that you put into most of your kits.

And while I have your attention, I must say that I'm also surprised you haven't left any comments about my Sparrow-class frigate. Have you seen her yet? You'll probably notice that she is loosely based on one of your designs.
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